Filing Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse

If you are married, you may find yourself filing bankruptcy without your spouse. There can be various reasons for this, and it is possible. There can be various reasons for this, such as the debt was made only by one person, the couple is concerned about obtaining new credit in the immediate future, or [...]

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Divorce Issues

Separated, but Divorcing Debtors Filing together before divorce Some married couples choose to file a joint petition of bankruptcy before they divorce. Using one attorney to file a joint petition may be possible, but there is a potential conflict of interest. In some circumstances, provided the parties agree (and represented by separate divorce attorneys), [...]

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Filing Without Your Spouse

Both spouses are not required to file bankruptcy. If you are married, you can file bankruptcy together. But in certain situations, a married couple may not need for both spouses to file bankruptcy. Examples are where most of the debt is only in one spouse’s name, or where one of the spouse has filed [...]

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