How Can Bankruptcy Help You?

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool you can use to eliminate debt. You get a second chance to rebuild your finances with bankruptcy.

  • Ends worry, confusion, and stress over unpaid bills, creditor harassment, and not knowing if you’ll make it.
  • Stop foreclosure, repossessions, judgments, and garnishments.
  • Keep your dignity, home, cars, and personal property. What property can you keep?
  • Helps you rebuild your credit rating.

Bankruptcy can give you a clean slate.

What are my bankruptcy options?

The best type of bankruptcy for you depends on what debt you need help with. Here are the main choices:

  1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy – especially good at eliminating credit cards, signature loans, and medical bills. People like it because it is quick and inexpensive.
  2. Chapter 13 bankruptcy – “debt reorganization” – often used to catch up on a home mortgage or car loan so you don’t lose essential property.
  3. Small business bankruptcy – if you have a business that is a sole proprietorship, you can use either chapter 7 or chapter 13. Businesses that are corporations or LLCs use Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Not ready to file but think bankruptcy may be in your future?

To avoid costly mistakes, read Dos and Don’ts When Planning for Bankruptcy.

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