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Attorney Who Knows Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a highly technical field. You should consider an attorney who exclusively practices bankruptcy. You will be spending a lot of time with this attorney, so be sure that you communicate well and like one another. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free, initial consultation where you can meet one another without obligation on both your parts. Find out how the attorney’s office works — whether they handle a very high volume of cases and you will primarily be dealing with a paralegal, or whether you can expect most of your contact to be with the attorney; or somewhere in between. At Cross Stone Law, we focus on bankruptcy only. Our goal in each case is to get the client the maximum relief permitted by law.

Attorney You Can Trust

Attorneys as a profession have a bad reputation and a lot of jokes are made about us. I regularly have people thank me for being honest. What? That makes me extremely sad. You should expect your attorney to be honest. When choosing an attorney, check online reviews and determine whether the attorney is a member of organizations such as National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Check with family, friends or a lawyer you have used.

Attorney You Can Talk To

Find a bankruptcy attorney who you are comfortable with and can talk to easily. You should not feel that you are being judged for filing bankruptcy. The most important thing you can do when filing bankruptcy is to be honest. To be honest, you need a bankruptcy lawyer you can talk to and who you have confidence will help you get through the bankruptcy process.

Attorney With Experience

Find a bankruptcy attorney who is experienced. Filing bankruptcy is considerably more than just typing up paperwork. There are on-line bankruptcy services that will type of your paperwork, but they cannot give you legal advice. The timing of filing bankruptcy, as well as pre-filing planning of bankruptcy exemptions may determine whether you keep or lose property and also whether certain debts are dischargeable. An experienced attorney will guide you so that your bankruptcy goes smoothly.

Attorney Who Is Involved

Find a bankruptcy attorney who personally handles your case. Most bankruptcy attorneys use paralegals to assist in gathering needed documents and facts. However, at some law firms, the attorney does not give a case individual attention. The file is handed off between attorneys and legal assistants. The attorney never really spends the time analyzing the case to figure out what is best. You need and deserve the personal attention from your bankruptcy attorney. Carol Cross Stone personally handles each case — from the beginning to the end.

Choose Your Attorney Wisely

Many bankruptcy attorneys offer a free initial consultation that will give you the opportunity to meet the attorney and ask questions. You may also obtain a price quote. Choosing a bankruptcy attorney on price alone is a very bad idea. Price is important, but should not be the deciding factor, especially in a complex case. You may find an inexperienced attorney willing to take a complex case for substantially less, but you may end up paying for it in loss of property or relief. At Cross Stone Law, our prices are fair and based on the amount of work involved in a case.

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