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Public Servant Student Loan Forgiveness Waiver Opportunity Deadline!

If you are a public servant, such as first-responder, teacher, government employee, non-profit employee, nurse, etc., you have a limited window to obtain credits for payments made under the Public Servant Forgiveness Program. Under the Public Servant Forgiveness Program, a student loan borrower with qualifying loans is required to make 120 qualifying payments. Then, [...]

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Hope for Student Loan Borrowers

For federal student loans, the forbearance program is extended until at least January 31, 2021. This means at least a temporary pass on qualifying loans with no interest for a few more months. At Cross Stone Law, we only handle bankruptcy cases. We will evaluate your student loan debt for the possibility of discharge [...]

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Debts Bankruptcy Cannot Help

Bankruptcy cannot wipe out child support, certain back taxes, criminal fines, and most student loans. Bankruptcy cannot do away with the payment of most secured debt unless the debtor is willing to pay for the property, although you may be able to catch up over time, lower the monthly payment, reduce the interest rate, [...]

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