How Long Will a Bankruptcy Show up on My Credit Report?

People often delay filing bankruptcy because they are afraid of how long bankruptcy will show up on their credit report. How long it stays on your credit report depends on which chapter of bankruptcy you file. Most individuals or small businesses file either Chapter 7 bankruptcy (straight bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 bankruptcy (debt reorganization.) [...]

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How Bankruptcy Affects Credit Score

In this modern world, your credit score affects many things. Your credit rating determines how much you pay to finance a home and a car. The cost of other necessary services, such as insurance and cell phone charges, may also be increased if your credit score is low. People considering bankruptcy worry about how [...]

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Obtaining Credit After Bankruptcy

SUMMARY: Obtaining credit after bankruptcy is possible. There will be a waiting period before you can qualify for big-ticket items, such as a home or car. Other factors, such as income and your credit management after bankruptcy will also impact qualifying for new credit. After filing bankruptcy, take steps to improve your credit. Make sure [...]

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How Filing Bankruptcy Can Impact a Credit Score

Most people who file bankruptcy worry about how bankruptcy will impact their credit scores. Obviously, filing bankruptcy does negatively impact a credit score. If you are struggling to pay your minimum payments and have not defaulted on any of your debt, you may have a very good credit score even though bankruptcy is the [...]

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Hiring an Attorney to Assist With Correcting Credit Report

Most people are comfortable handling the initial dispute themselves, rather than paying an attorney. Most errors can be resolved through the dispute process. Keeping copies of your attempts to correct the error is critical. In the event that you are unable to resolve the error through the dispute process, your attorney will need copies [...]

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