Most people are comfortable handling the initial dispute themselves, rather than paying an attorney. Most errors can be resolved through the dispute process. Keeping copies of your attempts to correct the error is critical. In the event that you are unable to resolve the error through the dispute process, your attorney will need copies of your efforts. Information is available to guide you in identifying errors in the credit report and disputing inaccurate information:

  1. Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – how to dispute an error on a credit report
  2. Federal Trade Commission – ordering free credit reports and sample dispute letters

If you have filed bankruptcy, the creditor should be reporting any account discharged in bankruptcy as 0 balance – account included in bankruptcy.

When a credit report has errors, following the proper procedures to dispute the errors may correct the problem. Once an error is disputed, if the credit reporting agencies do not correct the problem or if the problem reoccurs after you have gone through the dispute procedure and received written notice from the consumer reporting agency that the disputed item is deleted, contact an attorney who handles Fair Credit Reporting Act cases.

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