Can Bankruptcy Help Your Brain?

Everyone knows that high levels of stress can interfere with the way you function. Lack of sleep, distraction, and foggy brain are just some of the symptoms of too much stress. A recent Chinese study found that getting rid of debt improves brain functioning. Participants were tested before and after their debt was paid off [...]

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Debt Settlement

Should I Use a Debt Settlement Company Instead of Filing Bankruptcy?Updated May 2020Debt settlement may be a viable option if a person has a very small number of creditors and/or has exempt property that cannot be protected in bankruptcy. Generally, if you are current on the account, many times the creditor will not settle with [...]

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Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

SUMMARY: Generally, bankruptcy immediately stops most creditor harassment. Creditors are ordered to stop all garnishment, lawsuits, levy, foreclosure and contact. Outside of bankruptcy, you may be able to file a complaint or sue for illegal debt collection. Filing Bankruptcy to Stop Creditor Harassment The biggest advantage of bankruptcy is that the automatic stay is [...]

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