Chapter 13 Trustee Definition

Chapter 13 Trustee - The Chapter 13 Trustee is responsible for receiving funds paid by the Debtor under the Chapter 13 plan of reorganization. The trustee also investigates the Debtor’s finances; objects to claims that do not comply with the law; objects to plans and modifications of plans proposed by the Debtor to the Court [...]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Definition

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Chapter 13 is a debt reorganization available for individuals. This is where the debtor proposes a plan of repayment of debt according to the laws and rules that govern Chapter 13's. There is a “debt limit” in a Chapter 13 which is currently over 1 million for secured debt and $336,900 [...]

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Non-Exempt Property

Some people own property that cannot be protected in bankruptcy (non-exempt property). One option for property that is not exempt is the possibility of “buying back” non-exempt property from the trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is where the debtor has exempt funds available that can be used to "bid" on his own [...]

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