Getting Help With Delinquent Taxes

Not one of the lucky people waiting on a tax refund? One of the most stressful types of debt for people to have is tax debt. While it is true that the IRS has powerful collection tools, coming up with a reasonable plan to address delinquent taxes is possible. Many times, people who get behind [...]

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Collection of Delinquent Property Taxes on Your Home

Notice of Delinquent Taxes Annual Notice – Taxing units are required to mail an annual notice of delinquent taxes. Failure to provide notice may be an affirmative defense to a judicial foreclosure suit which the taxpayer can raise if the taxing unit fails to send the notice. Statute of Limitations on Collection of Delinquent [...]

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Understanding Property Taxes (Ad Valorem Taxes)

Property Taxes are normally a secured debt, secured by the home, real estate, or business property. Property taxes create a lien against the property which attaches to the property on January 1 of each year even though the taxes are not due until later. Property taxes are a personal obligation of the person who [...]

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Discharging Income Taxes in Bankruptcy

Certain taxes, such as payroll taxes or trust taxes, are not dischargeable. Federal income taxes may be dischargeable depending on a number of factors. Generally, in order for taxes to be dischargeable:The tax return must have been due more than three years from the filing of the bankruptcy petition. This includes extensions, so if you [...]

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Filing Bankruptcy Without Losing Your Tax Refund

During the new year, people who are considering filing bankruptcy worry about whether they will lose their income tax refund if they file bankruptcy. The short answer is: no, you do not have to give up your tax refund in bankruptcy, as long as you do some planning. Many people deliberately over withhold their income taxes [...]

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