Everyone knows that high levels of stress can interfere with the way you function. Lack of sleep, distraction, and foggy brain are just some of the symptoms of too much stress. A recent Chinese study found that getting rid of debt improves brain functioning. Participants were tested before and after their debt was paid off or substantially reduced. The science-based study found that eliminating debt actually makes your brain work better. Not surprisingly, reducing debt substantially improved scores on tests measuring brain function. People struggling with crushing debt don’t need a study to understand how not being able to pay debt and meet bills makes you feel.

No one wants to file bankruptcy. But the impact of stress from high debt affects you every day both physically and psychologically. If overwhelming debt keeps you up at night and nags at you during the day, act to reduce your anxiety. Take a positive step to move forward. Talk with Carol Cross Stone our bankruptcy attorney, about your options. At Cross Stone Law, we do not judge how you got into financial trouble. We work with you to develop a breakthrough strategy. We make sure that you know your options. Our free consultation gives you a chance to discuss the pros and cons of choices available to you. End the worry and embarrassment today. Just having a well-thought-out, strategic plan restores hope and is the first step to financial recovery.

Watch Videos About Bankruptcy

The United States Courts offer a series of bankruptcy videos called “Bankruptcy Basics” that provide information about the bankruptcy process.