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Divorce Issues

Separated, but Divorcing Debtors Filing together before divorce Some married couples choose to file a joint petition of bankruptcy before they divorce. Using one attorney to file a joint petition may be possible, but there is a potential conflict of interest. In some circumstances, provided the parties agree (and represented by separate divorce attorneys), [...]

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Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

SUMMARY: Generally, bankruptcy immediately stops most creditor harassment. Creditors are ordered to stop all garnishment, lawsuits, levy, foreclosure and contact. Outside of bankruptcy, you may be able to file a complaint or sue for illegal debt collection. Filing Bankruptcy to Stop Creditor Harassment The biggest advantage of bankruptcy is that the automatic stay is [...]

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Filing Bankruptcy Again

Many people think that if they have filed for bankruptcy in the past, they cannot file again if they have financial problems again. There are time restrictions on filing a second case after discharge in the first case. There may be a waiting period. For example, if you have filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy [...]

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Filing Without Your Spouse

Both spouses are not required to file bankruptcy. If you are married, you can file bankruptcy together. But in certain situations, a married couple may not need for both spouses to file bankruptcy. Examples are where most of the debt is only in one spouse’s name, or where one of the spouse has filed [...]

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Where to File Bankruptcy in East Texas

Where you file bankruptcy usually depends on where you live (or have lived during the majority of the last 180 days). We handle bankruptcy cases for clients in the Eastern District of Texas (East Texas), Tyler, and Marshall Divisions. The Bankruptcy Court for these divisions is located in Tyler, Texas.

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