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Carol Cross Stone is a Bankruptcy Attorney with 35+ years of experience.

Don’t Fear Business Failure!

So many factors must align for a small business to work. 50% of small businesses fail. Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy. Bankruptcy law favors small businesses. If the majority of your debt is business debt, no means test is required. Bankruptcy may help you bounce back after a business failure. [...]

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Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy

SUMMARY: Student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy only upon proof of undue hardship. The standard of evidence required is extremely high. Even where the student loan is not dischargeable, bankruptcy may help some by discharging other debt or restructuring debt, to make money available to pay the student loan. Don't Do Nothing. Taking [...]

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Obtaining Credit After Bankruptcy

SUMMARY: Obtaining credit after bankruptcy is possible. There will be a waiting period before you can qualify for big-ticket items, such as a home or car. Other factors, such as income and your credit management after bankruptcy will also impact qualifying for new credit. After filing bankruptcy, take steps to improve your credit. Make sure [...]

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Living With Student Loan Debt

With the declining economy and lack of jobs, more people are going back to school. They hope more education will qualify them for a higher-paying job. They live on student loans and borrow to pay all expenses. Unfortunately, more education is no longer a guarantee of a higher-paying job or even a job. Before [...]

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Filing Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse

If you are married, you may find yourself filing bankruptcy without your spouse. There can be various reasons for this, and it is possible. There can be various reasons for this, such as the debt was made only by one person, the couple is concerned about obtaining new credit in the immediate future, or [...]

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Getting Help With Delinquent Taxes

Not one of the lucky people waiting on a tax refund? One of the most stressful types of debt for people to have is tax debt. While it is true that the IRS has powerful collection tools, coming up with a reasonable plan to address delinquent taxes is possible. Many times, people who get behind [...]

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