Trustee – the bankruptcy process involves different types of “trustees.”  The role of the trustees varies depending on what chapter bankruptcy is filed.

United States Trustee – the United States Trustee is on every case. His job is to oversee the cases. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are responsible for challenging a case where he believes you don’t meet the legal requirements — either because of income or pre-filing abuse of creditors or fraud.

Chapter 7 Trustee – Every Chapter 7 case has one appointed. The Chapter 7 trustee conducts the meeting of creditors. If you have non-exempt assets, his job is to sell the assets and distribute the funds to priority and unsecured creditors.

Chapter 13 Trustee – Every Chapter 13 case has one appointed. There is only one Chapter 13 trustee. He is called the “standing trustee.” He oversees the Chapter 13 case and makes sure that everyone is treated fairly (creditors and debtors alike.) If there is a dispute, however, only the Judge can resolve this.